Late summer cuisine

As summer steadily draws to its close, I have been busy making the most of the seasonal plenitude. I was very pleased with the dish showcased below, which I discovered in my little BBC Good Food book of pasta. The name of the dish is pasta Primavera ( Italian for spring). In essence, however, a pasta primavera is any pasta dish that emphasises vegetables. Evocative of spring and the vibrant green of summer (when there is no drought that is!), the dish also includes myriad herbs  (my one contained basil, parsley, and mint). All the vegetables come together to celebrate, a veritable cornucopia of the season’s best produce, a symphony of flavour and colour.


The next chapter in my seasonal cooking adventure will focus on blackberries, corn on the cob, plums and apples. Blackberries are already making an entrance, and so I decided to make a blackberry and apple crumble.004

In contrast, the cherry season is drawing to a close, so I gave them a joyous Sunday breakfast sendoff with this Clafoutis, which is a French fruit custard desert, involving eggs, milk, and a small amount of flour. 002

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