My day in food

I thought I would write down what I had to eat on one random day. My daily eating habits are quite varied because I enjoy experimenting with different recipes.



”Black forest” overnight oats  with cherries, chocolate, grated pear, cocoa powder and yogurt  (BBC Good Food recipe)



Sourdough toast topped with peanut butter, and a strawberry, raspberry, banana and honey salad (a weight watchers recipe – no I’m not trying to get thinner than I already am, but I seek inspiration wherever I can find it!)



Roasted ratatouille (courgette, aubergine, tomato and garlic) with penne pasta and cheese (BBC Good Food recipe).

                                                                                                                 A rather special dinner

On another day  I  made these courgette, mint, lemon and chickpea egg fritters in my frying pan,  served with cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and mint, a recipe which I discovered in the Waitrose food magazine. I was very pleased with how they turned out.


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