Food update

Its been a busy couple of weeks in the kitchen. On Monday morning I made blueberry, lemon and poppy seed muffins, following a Waitrose recipe card; a  rare reprieve from my regular reading routine (I had just finished the scholarly philosophical primer Irrational Man).

Not being able to resist temptation, I ate two only a few minutes out of the oven. It was a delight to send two warm ones to my dad, because a pleasure shared is a lot more fun!


I have also been experimenting with rye bread. As a child, rye bread was my bete noire or culinary black beast. My parents served the full bodied bread every Sunday breakfast, in place of the much preferred wheat bread. To disguise its taste I slathered the bread in honey, jam, or butter. By analogy, everytime the weather was muggy, sticky, and replete with flies, I would call it a ”ryebready day”!. I have no idea what people thought when I said this, because I forgot or did not care that others would not necessarily share my particular association.

There are many food items that I detested as a child that I now enjoy as an adult, such as peanut butter, kale, rice (I had to mix a ton of mayo into it in order to stomach the grains – yuk!),  runny eggs and spinach.  Knowing that my taste has evolved, I decided to try rye again and give it the benefit of doubt ( a trick of all good philosophers). Rye bread is a well of nutrition and contains very few ingredients, unlike the pap that we often call wheat bread, with its additives, sugar, E numbers, vegetable oils and a pile of substances I can’t even name.

In order to find inspiration, I stumbled upon a Jamie Oliver recipe for rye bread topped with mashed beetroot, cottage cheese, hummus, avocado and seeds.


Moving in a slightly more maverick direction, I am busy testing out the rye bread Wimbledon: strawberry, banana and Greek yogurt. I’m not sure yet if this combination is quite up my kitchen (to pardon the pun) , but time will tell.

On the porridge front, I am trying a range of summery mixtures, including this ”Summer porridge” from the BBC Good food website.  I simply blitzed blueberries with milk, which I then mixed into raw oats and left to soak for 5 minutes, while I periodically gave it a stir. I topped the porridge with sliced kiwi and pomegranate seeds.


Finally I can’t resist presenting a case of strawberries in love. I found this pair in a punnet of less than perfect strawberries (I think they meant more than perfect; it is humanities’ fault that we can’t appreciate nature’s blurred lines).


It was with some regret that I yanked the conjoined duo apart.

We should all buy nature’s ”unwanted” specimens. By doing so we both limit food waste and advocate on behalf of the irregular and diverse.

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