Seasonal cooking

I have recently developed a strong interest in eating seasonally (please check out my you tube channel for more information, at Autism’s individual). I like the order and predictability inherent in the changing harvest, which acts as a counterweight to the generally chaotic change that causes me a lot of anxiety. Eating seasonally, however, makes me anxious as well as motivated because I do not want to miss the latest bounty, even though I logically know that foods don’t just disappear over night. While gooseberries, for example, have a very short lived season, I don’t need to buy them as if there were no tomorrow – I have a month or two on my side. Yet a sense of urgency still persists, and I feel an intense pressure to eat each food in as many permutations as possible.

We are only in June, but this season has already bequeathed me with sundry recipes and sources of inspiration, which I will attempt to showcase here.

I am rather proud of the masterpiece below, which I discovered how to make on BBC Good food. Who would have thought that summer strawberries and smoked salmon go together? But as in high fashion, food rules are there to be broken. Anyway, we often throw grapes and orange segments into salads, and cheese and pineapple is a classic, so although strawberries might be late to the party, this is worth a try. The recipe also included fennel, which I’m not that keen on, although I wish I was as it is meant to be extremely nutritious


I am a fan of crumbles for breakfast (not every day I’m afraid). Part of  the reason for this is because I like to eat healthily and crumbles  are often full of fat and sugar. My logic is that if I eat crumble for breakfast, I am not eating them on top of my other meals, so everything evens out. That said, my crumble is actually pretty healthy, as I only use just under one ounce of butter, and no more than two teaspoons of brown sugar. I also get at least one of my 5 a day into the bargain (n.b – I always aim to eat more than 5 a day!). The crumble photographed is a seasonal raspberry and blueberry ”crisp”, made with half oats, half flour, taken from a Waitrose food magazine.


Peas are currently in season. There is something rather comforting and satisfying about podding peas, and fresh peas taste quite different to the frozen variety; they have more texture and bite. The meal below was ever so simple, as it was just peas, mustard, mint, and olive oil. Topped with cheese for protein, the meal was light but fulfilling, a perfect dish for summer


I am also devouring nectarines, peaches, apricots, broad beans, cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes, and am eagerly anticipating the arrival of gooseberries, greengages and British runner beans.

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