My cooking

Food and cooking are lifelong special interests. This entry will be used to showcase some of my culinary adventures. Who said that autistics are all computer and maths geeks?

Feta, roasted tomato and olive pasta. Recipe taken from my little pasta book.



                                          Coconut and blueberry pudding

Notes: First attempt – next time I will reduce cooking by about 10 minutes – 20 mins instead of 30; pleased that it looks almost identical to the picture on BBC good food. Might also work well with orange zest instead of lemon….maybe cocoa would work too mmmmm


Mexican penne: completely vegan. Tinned sweetcorn, onion, garlic, spices, tomato, bell pepper, topped with avocado mixed with lime juice and a little raw, chopped onion.


Coconut and banana porridge, topped with almond butter, coconut yogurt, sesame seed and raspberry (vegan)


Apple, sultana and muscavado sugar porridge. I soaked the apple in lemon for extra zest.



Pomegranite, raspberry,  sesame, and almond butter on top of banana and coconut porridge with cinnamon and vanilla.



Kidney and butter beans with red lentils, tomato, bell pepper, sweetcorn, onion, garlic, chili and ginger, with rice and goat’s yogurt – BBC good food recipe



            Pineapple porridge, taken from BBC food (Phil Vickery recipe)


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