My Favourite things: A list

I love lists, so I thought it would be fun to list the things in my life that make me feel good (there are others, mainly food, but that could go on and on). I’m amazed that I came up with 35 items!

  1. Apple crumble and cream.Image result for apple crumble
  2.  Spotted dick and custard.                     Image result for spotted dick and custard3) Cocoa Image result for Cocoa drink4) Cookies and coffee              Image result for biscuit and  milky coffee5)             Cheese and tomato sandwichImage result for Cheese and tomato sandwich6) Cheese and onion sandwich   Image result for Cheese and onion sandwich7)  Boiled egg and toast   Image result for Boiled egg and toast

8)  Tuna sandwich Image result for Tuna sandwich

9) Baked beans on toast Image result for Baked beans on toast

10) Scrambled egg on toastImage result for scrambled egg  on toast

11) Sardines on toast Image result for Sardines on  on toast

12) Avocado Image result for avocado toast

13)  PastaImage result for Pasta

14) Tinned salmon Image result for Tinned salmon

15) Quiche Image result for Quiche

16) Pizza Image result for Pizza

17) Strong tea Image result for Strong tea

18) Mince piesImage result for Mince pies

19 ) Purple and pink Image result for Girly stuff

20)  Pretty things Image result for Butterflies

21) Hair bands Image result for Hair bands

22) Brightly coloured clothes Image result for Brightly coloured clothes

23) Hippie stuff, 1960s, social movements and ideologiesImage result for Hippie

24) Books Image result for Books

26) Public speakingImage result for Public speaking

27) Internet articlesImage result for Internet articles

28) Culture and museums Image result for art gallery

29) The seaImage result for The sea

30) Philosophy, psychology, and how people workImage result for Philosophy

31) Nutrition Image result for Nutrition

32) Porridge and breakfast Image result for Porridge

33) Scones, cream, and jamImage result for scones cream and jam

34) Afternoon tea Image result for Afternoon tea

35) RainbowsImage result for rainbows


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