Toastmaster project number 2

On Wednesday the 31st of August I did my second Toastmaster speech, entitled The benefits of a philosophical education. I memorised the speech off by heart. I had a brief moment of apprehension when my mind went blank at a few points in the speech, but I kept my calm and carried on. I got very good feedback:

  • Good subject and good knowledge (5)
  • Obviously well researched (5)
  • Good organisation; logical and clear (4)
  • Excellent opening (5)
  • The body flowed well, quotes were very relevant and appropriate – the right number as well (4)
  • The conclusion was excellent (5)
  • Transitions – I liked the reference to benefit 1,2 etc; maybe there could have been a couple more sign posts (4)

Good use of  minimal notes. Could use a highlighter to find place more easily. Try to have more eye contact with audience; even if you are looking above people’s heads.

Particularly liked the opening and closing; they were very strong. Good paragraphs and referred back to the opening. You left us with a personal reflection which worked well.


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