The courage of Sisyphus

Perhaps we all have a bit of Sisyphus in us. According to the myth, Sisyphus rolled a rock up a mountain for all eternity. Every time Sisyphus got the rock to the top, it fell back down, which meant this futile task had to be attempted over and over again, but never completed. Sisyphus was condemned to this fate by the Gods. We are condemned to a similar fate by existence. Life is a constant cycle of desire, effort, and denial – we are  finite beings, and we can never complete the circle. In this sense, life is Absurd. Yet we don’t give up. Most of us continue to work on our projects. We create goals that we work towards, then new goals, and so it goes on, because we cannot rest on our laurels. We always want more, we are always unsatisfied. Despite the fact that everything is against us, we still carry on with life. The life instinct (Freud called it Eros, Nietzsche called it ”the will to power”) is ultimately stronger than the call of the void.                               Image result for sisyphus

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