Fishbourne pub challenge

On Saturday the 6th July 2016 I traveled to the Isle of Wight on the catamaran ferry. With my support worker, I walked from Ryde to Fishbourne via Quarr Abbey. It was a very warm day, so it was pleasant to walk along the tree lined paths that lead to Fishbourne.

I had never had chips at The Fishbourne pub before, so this was a challenge for me (eating outside of the home involves relinquishing some control, which can trigger my hygiene OCD). I was assured that the pub had a 5 for hygiene, and everything looked clean and immaculate. I ordered the bowl of chips and ate it without much anxiety.  Here I am :DSCN0569

There was more motion coming back on the ferry as a breeze had picked up. The ferry went up and down at one point, in a rolling motion, and I panicked briefly. Squeezing my stress ball helped  a bit. I recovered quickly and the challenge was completed!!

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