My goals

I like to set goals for myself mainly around food (a source of enjoyment and anxiety). Here are some goals (I will mark them off upon completion)

1    To eat toasted banana bread with Greek yogurt, pecans and honey at Artie’s cafe

I achieved this on Wednesday the 29th June 2016!!banana bread.JPG

The above picture was taken at the cafe. The banana bread was warmed up. I felt very pleased that I completed this challenge!

2) Make risotto

Image result for how to make risotto

3) Use fresh turmeric.      I have completed this challenge, and discovered a new recipe: turmeric porridge!!



4)  Have an afternoon tea at West Dean Gardens .      This challenge was completed on my birthday, the 27th July 2016. The tea was not on three levels as shown in this picture, but only on two tiers: sandwiches (egg mayo, hummus and cucumber, with a scattering of watercress) on top, scones with a huge dollop of white cream over jam (strawberry on top!), cream cakes, chocolate brownie, fruit cake, macaroons, below. I would never have done this before, due to my OCD around eating out (lack of control over food production, hygiene concerns). A big step forward in my path towards emancipation. I was very pleased with myself.

Image result for west dean gardens afternoon tea

5)   London Eye river cruise

6)  Make fresh bread

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