A good day

I did my second Aspie Trainer presentation today at Bognor Library. I spoke to Library staff about living with autism, and provided them with tips for working with people on the autistic spectrum. I showed them a sensory video in order to highlight how painful sensory experiences can be for autistic people, and they discussed common idioms which could be taken literally by people with autism. At the end of the presentation we had a good discussion, and they all provided positive feedback. They all left with some new information about autism, and a wider understanding of autism in general. I am pleased to report that everything went to plan, despite the fact that I  traveled by bus to Bognor instead of train, to avoid train disruption (there was a strike on today). Travelling by bus to Bognor normally makes me anxious, but today I was full of excited energy, and this over-rode the anxiety Рmy special interest in public speaking came to the rescue. I have noticed that my confidence increases each time I present in front of people, and my legs were not wobbling at all this time. I left Bognor Library on a high after a job well done.

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