All the views that I express on this blog stem from my own experience of living with autism. Other people with autism may well have very different experiences, and so they may well strongly disagree with what I write on this blog. Their experiences are equally valid. There are many different types of autism and many different outcomes, and this can shape whether or not you see autism as a positive part of your identity or, conversely, as only a small part of your identity that does not define your personhood. Some people with autism might want a cure for their own condition, while others will be vehemently against a cure. Both positions carry their own truth. It is important, therefore, to avoid generalisations because everyone’s autism is unique to them, and so speaking about autism in generic terms always has to be qualified with the caveat that autism is situated in diverse and unique bodies. Everyone should be free to talk about autism on their own terms, while being very clear that they are only referring to their own condition. Therefore, I hope no-one will be upset by what I write here, because that is not my intention.

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