Words are beautiful because they have colour (see post on synaesthesia). Some words are prettier than others though!. Red, orange, yellow and green words are the best. I am very good at remembering incredibly complex and/or long words, along with their meaning.  Synaesthesia aids my verbal memory because it is a natural mnemonic device. My favourite words are the  following:

Euphoria – red

Elation – red

Rambunctious – red

Parsimony – predominantly yellow

Salubrious – white

Ataraxia – mainly green (this word means a state of extreme tranquility, the outcome of enlightenment)

Tergiversate  – Black and red

Garrulous – dark green, but the middle is red

Bibulous – mainly black

Meretricious – part black, but the ‘e’ and ‘r’ lends it a hint of red

There are many more words that I like, but to list them all would take up a lot of space!


Unfortunately there are no purple or dark pink words in my colour palette. A shame, because they are both my favourite colours.

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