My interests

Here are a list of my interests from childhood to the present day:

Lady bird fairy tale books  – 2-7 years

Dolls – 2-11 years

Food – ongoing

Tea (camellia sinensis) – present day

The natural world – 7-8 years

The human body – 10 years and over

Malory Towers by Enid Blyton – 10 years

Spice girls – 9-12 years

ABBA – 11-14 years

Titanic – 11-15 years

Kate Winslet – 11-21 years

Babies and parenting – 10-18 years

Girls and women – 9 years and over

Lady Gaga and Adele – present day

Good films: Disney and Horror (quite a contrast)


Learning about the animal called homo sapien

The meaning of life


Public speaking – present day

Autism awareness – present day


Words and language







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